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Carpet Cleaner Buying Tips

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners who get burdened by dirty carpets, there is no other convenient and cost-effective means of dealing with it than buying a good carpet cleaning machine. Although hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will get the job done more efficiently, many homeowners don’t find it sensible to hire them every single time you need yours to be cleaned. Another option is to rent a carpet cleaner, but it really doesn’t make that much sense if you can actually use the cash for renting to purchase your own machine.

So if you finally have made the decision to purchase a carpet cleaner, the question now is what should you be looking for in them? Luckily for you we’ve already compiled that for you.

1 – Powerful Suction

We definitely think that a powerful suction should be a priority feature you should look for when buying a carpet cleaner. There seems to be no sense in buying a cheap variety when it cannot even properly retrieve the water is sprays on the carpet during the cleaning process. It definitely is quite annoying if the carpet does not dry up fast.

2 – Large Tank

A large tank is as important as a powerful suction and when you do get one, it means there is no longer a need to constantly fill it with water for another round of cleaning. As such, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in cleaning your carpet since you literally can finish it in one full tank of water. The only downside though is you’ll have to work with a heavier machine.

3 – Heavy Duty Brushes

In case you’re in need of heavy duty cleaning for your carpets, it means you can’t purchase a light and small variety. Accordingly, you need to pick one with powered brushes. The only way for stubborn dirt, debris, and dust to be scrubbed and successfully removed from the carpet fibers is through those powered brushes.

4 – Tools and Attachments

Additionally, you definitely want one with several attachments and tools in the package. The two most important extra attachments include that of a handheld attachment and extension hose, both of which will help you reach areas that aren’t easy to clean, such as stairs and narrow spaces.

Lastly, you might want to consider buying a portable version of a carpet cleaner, too, especially if you are hoping to clean several carpets in one day that are scattered all around the house and in every room. Back in the early days of portable carpet cleaners, they were mostly incapable of cleaning effectively since they were lighter and had less capacity. Fortunately for you, you can now purchase portable carpet cleaners that are as effective and powerful as conventional ones since they already are equipped with the latest technologies used in cleaning.

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