Why Epoxy could be the solution to your basement flooring problems

Basements sometimes get a bad reputation for being dark and dingy areas of the home. Often associated with damp, drabness and dirt, your basement is probably used for storage, laundry or as a very basic “man cave”.

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Research from HGTV indicates that a basement remodel could be one of the most financially savvy ways to add value to your home, so perhaps it is time to start paying a little more attention to yours.

The vicious cycle

Flooring is one area of the basement that is notoriously prone to damage. Dampness and spillages are common problems, but during the wetter months, you may also find that flash flooding can lead to severe leaks into your basement that are likely to completely ruin carpets, laminate or tiled flooring. Often these will be replaced with a similar method of flooring and the cycle will repeat itself, causing continual inconvenience and cost to frustrated homeowners. How can you break out of this cycle and get something that lasts without breaking the bank?

Epoxy flooring

Thankfully, there is now a form of flooring available that can eradicate the misery: epoxy flooring. Not only is it resistant to leaks and most spillages, but it is available in a number of styles and can therefore transform the aesthetics of your basement.

Epoxy is essentially a substance made from resin and hardener, which chemically react to form an exceptionally strong plastic material when mixed together. The substance is so strong that it is used in a variety of industrial environments because of its ability to resist degradation. It is ideal for use in a basement because it can withstand water damage that may be caused by leaks in the foundations of the home.

Style and substance

Available in a range of effects from solid wood flooring (http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/solid-wood-flooring) to marble, you can style your flooring to transform your basement into a cosy and contemporary living space. Metallic epoxy is another popular emerging trend that allows for a glorious, translucent effect.

Epoxy is also cheaper than both carpet and tile. This means that not only will it save you money in replacement flooring when the inevitable damage occurs, but it is also a lot cheaper to install and will transform the look of your basement to add value to your home.

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