There is More to Landscaping than Planting

Planting a few flowers in the front of a home or commercial property and mowing the lawn is fine, but is hardly considered landscaping. There is much more to it than that. The first step in the process is a consultation with a designer. That professional will go to the home, discuss needs and desires, discover the budget, and make recommendations.

Explore the Possibilities

This is essential because owners do not have the knowledge and creativity to see past the actually space and envision the potential of the property. Where owners see a narrow front yard, designers see shade trees, walkways, and beautiful flowerbeds. A barren backyard can be transformed into a modern space for entertaining with an outdoor fireplace and a stone patio, or bench seating along a retaining wall and a water feature.

Designers also know what types of plants and trees will do well in any particular climate. This drastically decreases the amount of maintenance that will be required moving forward. Once this stage of the process is completed and approved, any preparation work will commence. That may include clearing trees, excavating for a level surface, or installing a sprinkler system, among other preparation requirements.


The final stage in the process is installation. Having all the elements installed at one time makes for a stunning appearance. It also avoids the the time and hassle of adding components to the yard over the course of the first two to three years of ownership. Components are in place and all the family has to do is enjoy that space, plan that first barbecue with friends and neighbors, and be delighted with all the compliments regarding the yard.


In most cases, owners with little to no planting, planning, or maintenance experience will save money by hiring a professional to get the work done. Equipment does not have to be purchased, trying out different lawn and plant chemicals or food is not necessary, and hiring a professional to fix your attempt at gardening or masonry will be eliminated. Paying to have the process completed by professionals the first time avoids paying for the same project twice.

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