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Reasons for Selecting the Right Engraved Beer Mugs/Why You Need to Choose the Right Engraved Beer Mugs/Why Your Choice of Engraved Beer Mugs Matters

Every beer drinker will agree that the taste and smell of a beer matter a lot. Whilst you can relax and enjoy beer directly from the bottle, there are reasons the engraved beer mug is important.

Some glasses are better suited for beers when compared to others. We’ll delve more into the engraved beer mugs or glasses in this post.

Beer Mugs
Asked to choose, most Americans would prefer with this old engraved beer mugs. UK and Germany drinker also present the same behavior.

Throughout the world, it is common to find people using engraved beer mugs during the popular Oktoberfest. The engraved beer mugs come with robust insulated frames and huge grips, features that ensure they’re less brittle and stay for long.

Engraved beer mugs do not serve beer only. You can also use them for other drinks such as Vienna Lager, American lagers, English Stouts and Brown Ales.

Beer Shifter
A beer shifter is similar to a chalice used for serving water or wine but with a thick bottom. You can boost the smell and taste of your beer by spinning it in the glass. Beer shifters or engraved beer mugs works best with beers such as Belgian Ales, Cognac and Brandy.

Tulip Glasses
These glasses are just like wine glasses although they appear shapely. Engraved beer mugs have broad bases and large extensive lips which make your beer tastier and with a richer aroma. If you want to make the best use of tulip glass, use it for serving and sipping beers like Saisons, Imperial IPAs, Belgian ales and American wild ales.

Pilsner Glasses
Pilsner glasses are just like Weizen regarding height and width but with no curves rendering them narrower. The narrow shape of the engraved beer mugs makes the beer produce more foam. Apart from Pilsner, you can use the engraved beer mugs for Pale Ale, Red Lager, and Amber Lager.

Pint Glasses
Also known as Nonic glasses, Pint glasses are small and light engraved beer mugs and most likely the minutest you can find measuring 20 ounces only.

In spite of their straight look, nonic glasses come with a protruding top. The engraved beer mugs are perfect for beers like chill beers, pale ales, smoked beers, black ales and stouts.

Weizens trace their history in Germany, and are tall with curves on both side together with enlarged lips. Thanks to the shape and look of these engraved beer mugs, the beers you serve will be in their best aroma and flavor. Weizen is best for Weizenbock, American pale wheat ales, Hefeweizen and more.

Now that you’ve learned the essence of having the right engraved beer mugs for the right beer, locate a glass manufacturer, company or dealer near you.

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