Technology that saved money

When we were younger, flying cars, robot servants, and cities under the sea were what we thought the future would bring us. As we matured, we realized the future wasn’t those items. Rather, it was technology that saved money and prevented further damage to property.

Trenchless Sewer Repair is That Technology

The concept of repairing sewer pipes without digging up concrete or landscaping is not a future goal. It takes place every single day thanks to the concept of trenchless sewer repair. Numerous companies, like Hurco Technologies, sell and run the products required for this process.

In turn, it eases the concerns of those who require the repairs. Not only is it done with minimal deconstruction but it allows the customer to pay a fraction of the cost over normal repairs.

Invasive Surgery

Similar to the invasive surgery procedures conducted on thousands of patients, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t involve removal of huge swaths of a road or yard. Once the problem areas are determined using equipment like a smoke tester, repair teams goes to work to correct the issues.

Instead of digging and removing, they will perform one of two tasks.

  • If the damage is contained to a small area, the technicians will apply a sealant around the affected pipe to close cracks or holes.
  • If the pipe needs to be replaced, they will feed a new piece of pipe through the old. As it expands, it breaks the old pipe into pieces.

Trenchless Technology Equals Savings

Time and money are both saved with trenchless sewer repair. Through this process, repairs which may have taken several days to complete could be done in less than a day. In turn, this means less money spent on equipment, property repairs, and possibly a hotel room if the repairs required the water and power to be shut off.

Even though your sewer pipes seem okay right now, research in trenchless sewer repair should be done ahead of time. By doing so, you will be prepared should a leak be discovered.

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