Rooms For The Teen Boy

At times, it might seem like your teen son is pickier about his bedroom than your daughter, but the two are likely just alike in wanting things exactly like they want them to look and placed where they should be in their personal space. Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with ideas on how to decorate a boy’s room as there really isn’t a lot to choose from except for sports, cars and music. There are a few ideas that you can consider to give your son the room that he desires without spending a lot of money. Most companies offer a way to get a free quote here on a website if you need help with ideas and how much major work would cost.

A large poster that hangs above the bed can be a focal point for the room. It could be anything that he enjoys, such as a sports player or a musician, but try to coordinate the colors in the room to match those that are in the poster so that everything flows together. If your son likes music, then consider making a large dresser look like a DJ booth or a large stereo system. Add a record player or a CD player on the top so that he can listen to his favorite music while in his room.

Teens who like golf might enjoy a room that looks like it’s taken from the links. Colors used are green, brown and white. Display golf clubs on the wall, pictures that relate to golf and any awards that he has received from playing. Transform the walls of the room to look like a favorite video game. Add stickers, use a little paint and spruce up the room with pictures of scenes from the game that make it look as though they are coming to life in the room. If you’re looking for a fun way to complete the look, consider using black paint and installing a black light bulb so that certain colors glow when the lights are off. Don’t forget to add a comfortable gaming chair and a television so that he can play the games the he enjoys. However, you also need to create a study area in the room so that he is reminded that he has work to do for school as well.

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