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Different Options on Designing your Kitchen Backsplash The most popular place to put glass tile is the kitchen backsplash. In a smaller kitchen, the small mosaic tiles will make the space look larger. A solid field tile will be the outcome when you use mosaic tiles in a large kitchen. Nonetheless, it still look good on both kitchen sizes and you can personalize it on your own. Mosaic glass tiles are available with so many different glass tiles. In order for you to start, the following paragraphs will help you by giving you ideas for installation. Cover your entire backsplash in one solid color. This is good when you have a very busy granite countertop. Start with choosing the color you want usually a neutral tone then select the type of tile you want.
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If you have a solid countertop then you should consider putting up a glass tile blend. Your cabinets, counters, and fixture can be colored with these beautiful mixtures. There are companies that sell stock blends with particular colors and there are also other companies that will customize the blend for you. Your kitchen backsplash will be outstanding when the glass tile blend will be done properly.
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Other than color you need to also consider textures. A mixture of stone, glass, and metal can be considered for your tile. The outcome will be a masterpiece. It can go from a natural look to very upscale. Your backsplash will be having a depth if you put some texture to it and it will blend accordingly at your countertops and cabinets. You can customize your kitchen backsplash by adding some decorative for the space at the back of your stove then add a solid color on the rest of your backsplash. The solid color that you will add should be one of the colors from your stove area. You can also put a glass tile into a ceramic tile backsplash. Put the glass behind the stove and then put at the top of the ceramic field tile. Another idea is to use a solid glass tile on the backsplash but run a border of color or blended colors through the middle or along the counter top. By using two different sized tiles, it can really change up the space. Add some square glass on most areas of the splash then apply a border of same subway tile all through. Another choice would be putting the squares at the back of the stove and put the subway tile on the splash. Putting the glass tiles on an angle making the squares look like diamonds can also be customized like this. This can be applies at the back of the stove or on the whole part of the splash. Your kitchen backsplash can be customized with several options. Glass mosaic tiles are so versatile that you are not stuck doing what everyone else is.

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