Just £2 gives you the chance to win a five-bedroom Northampton home

Lots of people wish that they could move house, but they can’t afford a new property. Those who can afford it often worry that they won’t be able to make the mortgage repayments.

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If you can relate to this, you may be interested in a five-bedroom house in Northampton that is for sale for just £2. It may seem ridiculously cheap, but it is real; the house is available in a prize draw that only costs £2 to enter and the winner will get a detached five-bedroom house.

The competition has already received a lot of interest, with people from Germany and America also entering the draw. The house comes with a few other perks, including no mortgage or stamp duty.

The competition was started by Kristie Searle, who is the current owner of the house. She has set the minimum amount of entrants at 500,000, which means that she will receive one million pounds for the sale of the house. While some people have criticised this decision, Kristie is standing firm, saying that she will be using the money to help her pay for costs including solicitors, web providers, payment providers, and the stamp duty for the house. She will also use the money to pay off the mortgage, and then she plans to donate the extra money to a few different charities.

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It is likely that she will meet the minimum amount of entrants. After all, according to Gov.UK, the average property value in January 2017 was £234,794, so this is a great way to bag a ridiculously cheap price in an inflated housing market.

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Hundreds of people have already applied, and it appears likely that Kristie will reach her minimum desired number of entrants.

More About The Home

The house is situated on a Lang Farm development, and there are five bedrooms in addition to a large living room and dining room. There is also a utility room and a downstairs cloakroom, along with a family bathroom and two en-suites.

If you want to enter the competition, visit www.winthishouse.co.uk.

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