How to incorporate engineered oak flooring into your home

Oak flooring continues to be the popular wooden flooring choice, thanks to its versatility.

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Oak does not inhibit décor choices and colours and can be paired with both contemporary and traditional colours and decorating schemes, as well as other wood shades and wall colourings.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate oak flooring into your home.

Contrasting wood and complementing furniture

If you have engineered oak flooring, such as that offered at, you may be under the impression that all your furniture should be oak too. It’s a popular choice, especially with many new design techniques for oak now on the market, and it can be of exceptional quality and unique design.

However, if you would like to mix things up and add your own personal flair, incorporate contrasting wood furniture into your room. Match the warm shades of oak to other woods, and also pair any noticeable grains with similar wood patterns, to avoid a chaotic look.

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Contemporary versus traditional

Both classic and contemporary looks are set to continue to be fashionable interior trends. Oak flooring has the advantage of suiting both a traditionally styled home and a contemporary setting.

Contemporary properties with oak flooring in lighter shades work really well in bright and light rooms, with plenty of space and windows.

Traditional homes seem more cosy and rustic with the installation of oak flooring in warmer tones. The pattern and grain of the wood adds to the classic décor, creating a timeless style.

Dark versus light colour schemes

The versatility of oak flooring is so renowned because of its many tones and hues found naturally occurring within the wood. This enables you to freely decorate your home in dark or light shades based on the oak flooring type you have.

Flooring with a warmer undertone teams beautifully with navy, gold and cream accents to further accentuate these tones. Cooler tones benefit from being paired with greys, whites and sporadic pops of colour, which will particularly suit a contemporary home with a modern decorating scheme.

Living space shape is also important, as is whether your home is open plan or contains many separate rooms. If your home is decorated with a consistent colour scheme, your flooring should be consistent too.

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