Guide to buying a Smart LED TV

Television has been a quintessential invention and has gone through several modifications and technological advancements to take its current form. Since the invention of television, it has made its place in almost every household. And with the development of technologies, the television sets have transformed greatly.

Well, we all love to see a stylish looking smart LED TV hanging on the wall. The high definition picture and clarity of sound, makes us all fall in love with the LED TVs. But you need to look out for few little things before rushing out to the showroom to get your set. So, before you buy that ergonomic and sleek looking LED TV to check out this short LED TV buying guide to get the most bangs out of your buck

  • Don’t fry those eyes: The consumer electronics market is most profitable among its peers and thus sufficiently brutal. So the massive competition among multiple brands has ensured that the huge 55 inch LED TV has a cheap price tag. But hold your horses before you grab that deal. Figure out the safe viewing distance for your TV (9 feet for the 55 inch) and make sure your room does not fall short of that size.
  • Beware of HD Ready TVs: Most models which have a cheaper price tag compared to their size probably come at HD Ready or 720p resolution. If Set Top Box is the only thing connected to your TV then it might not bother you. But if you look forward to HD cinematic experience and high-resolution gaming, a Full HD 1080p LED TV is recommended. Moreover, the world is slowly moving towards 2K and 4K. Soon enough 720p might be nothing but a meme.
  • Don’t let your Smart TV make you dumb: Most Smart TVs that are well placed in the affordable catalogue have the basic processing power and low-quality software. So the range of codecs that they usually support is just a handful and might not be compatible with a lot of movies that are waiting in your USB pen-drive. Make sure your TV can easily switch between subtitles and can play MKV or MP4 format with codecs like H.264 and H.265.
  • Worship the ports: Go for as many ports on your TV as possible. HDMI slots, Display ports, USB slots, AV ports and even audio jacks. From upgrading, multiple device synchronisations to support it is all going to help out in the near future. Smart TVs are awesome if you have a high bandwidth connection. If not there are several add-ons like Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick andAny Cast that can turn your LED TV into a Smart one.
  • For gamers: If you are an extensive gamer like me, you are familiar with phrases like refresh rate and response time. Ideally, you should opt for a TN Panel for the lowest response times but it is a hard compromise in terms of picture quality. So try to get a LED TV with a response time of 6 seconds or lower. If you use XBOX or Playstation go for models which have an option for gaming mode. In that mode refresh rates and response times are adjusted accordingly to the device plugged into theTV. If you are a PC gamer make sure to go for higher refresh rates that closely matches with your Graphics Card output. That will ensure low screen tearing while playing demanding games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim V.

All in all, make sure to absorb all the advice from this LED TV buying guide and hard bargain with the dealer to get the best TV suited to your needs at the best possible price.

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