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Managing A Neat Yard

People who have homes with a yard at most times find it hard to cope with the hardship of maintaining it. There are gardens that have both flowers and trees that fall off during certain times of the year like autumn. After falling off, leaves dry up and become brown making the yard not appear beautiful. Sometimes weeds grow amongst the garden plants which can be quite dangerous to the plant growth and makes the yard seem untidy. A a bit of advice can be instrumental in keeping a yard beautiful and tidy.

Leaf and flower shedding can be a good thing. Leaves have a nitrogen component that can be good for plant growth. A method to bring together the leaves is by gathering them together using manual labor which can be a bit tiring for the person keeping the yard. Another option is to use a rake to gather a heap. A compost pit would be a rather good idea with this sort of activity. This is the continuous storage of shed leaves in one location like a pit, in the yard instead of disposing them or burning them. In due time, the leaves decompose to make manure for the plants still in the yard. This is one way one can turn rubbish to good source of nutrients for the plants.

There are various approaches to dealing with weed plants. The proactive approach is ensuring that they do not grow in the first place. The mulching method is an approach of this. This is when a yard keeper places organic substances to cover the ground on which the plants are growing. The material being organic is a condition that makes sure that the plants grow well. The best alternative to an organic mulching material is grass. Apart from preventing weeds from growing, mulching also aids the soil to retain moisture and as time goes, it decomposes to form manure.

One can find it a hard task to keep away bugs from a garden full of flowers. This can be managed by reducing the surface covered by such flower producing plants. By the use of pots, one can reduce a number of bugs coming to the garden. Use of pots aids as well to keep the yard neat and tidy. The yard has a lot of germs which brings about the importance of maintaining a tidy garden. When one is not looking to collecting leaves for compost, they can opt to use a leaf blower which saves much time and is efficient.

Good hygiene also involves taking precaution when handling the yard. A person cleaning the yard should make a point always to have gloves and boots on when dealing with the dirt.

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