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How to reduce garage condensation

Condensation can be a problem in areas of the house that don’t get heated, like your garage. Condensation happens when moisture in the air hits a cold wall and beads of water form. This water can then lead to damp, mould and other problems.

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Mould and damp can have quite serious health implications, so it’s important to minimise your exposure to them. The good news is that there are some relatively simple things you can do to help. Read on to learn more.

Keep temperatures constant

Use a heater to just take the worst of the chill out of your garage during the winter months. If your garage isn’t already insulated then consider adding it but make sure that whatever insulation you choose comes with a vapour barrier to help keep your garage dry.

Dry your car off

If you’ve come back on a wet day, take a moment to squeegee off the worst of the moisture before you put the car away. This will help stop the water from evaporating into the air in the garage and turning into condensation as soon as it gets cold.

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Make sure that air can get into and move around your garage. It can be helpful to use a fan to move things along. Don’t block parts of the garage with possessions, make sure they are properly stored on garage racking systems available from garage shelving equipment suppliers.


Check your garage out in all weathers to make sure that you don’t have a problem with standing water. It also helps for it to be raining when you check the integrity of the roof and doors. Fix any leaks as soon as possible.

Seal the floor

Paint the floor with a sealant product that will stop water from soaking into the concrete. There are coatings which contain particles that help with slipping when wet too, to make your garage floor safer no matter what the weather.

Install a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers have a relatively small running cost and they are great for removing water from the air. If your garage has a tendency to be damp, or if you use it to house your washing machine and tumble dryer, then adding a dehumidifier makes a lot of sense. Although condensation can be a problem, there are plenty of things you can do!…

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Beni Ourain Rugs Have the It Factor

Beni Ourain rugs are the rugs of the moment. You can see them in palatial country estates. You can see them in condominiums that are the portrait of urban sophistication. You can see them in laid-back family homes in the suburbs, too. These handcrafted rugs are unstoppable these days. They’re handwoven floor coverings that are made by the Berber peoples of North Africa.

‎If you want to give your living space a touch of Morocco’s majestic Atlas Mountains, a Berber rug can work beautifully for you. These rugs bring so many benefits to the table. Their geometric and minimalist designs and patterns express so many things about the Berber people and their culture and heritage. Their modest and unassuming colors do the same. Needless to say, a classic Beni rug can give any home a rare and exotic charm.

A Berber rug can increase the appeal of your home. This is thanks to its pure beauty. It can also make your residence feel a lot warmer. This can be a big boon during the chilly winter months each year. People used Beni Ourain rugs in the past for home insulation purposes. The Atlas Mountains can be a frigid setting in the wintertime, after all. A Beni rug has the ability to help insulate your residence when outdoor temperatures just aren’t forgiving. If you want to keep drafts out of your living room, bedroom or study, it may be a good idea to place one on the floor.

These Moroccan rugs are chock-full of character. They’re wonderful for people who appreciate individuality. They’re a far cry from the mass-produced rugs that are so readily available in interior design retailers everywhere as of late.

There are all kinds of Beni Ourain rugs available for purchase lately. People can easily buy vintage ones that were made years or perhaps even decades ago. Moroccan rugs that were made during the eighties are relatively common. People can just as easily purchase rugs that are brand new, too. If you love idea of embracing history, investing in an older rug may be a great choice for you.

These rugs are impressively strong. They can work well in all kinds of households. They can be great in quiet and peaceful households. They can be equally effective in massive households that are full of active and mischievous small children. They’re known for being able to take a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you do a lot of walking around your home day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if you have a couple of youngsters who like to engage in energetic play sessions after school and on weekends. A good Beni rug should be able to withstand all of this easily.

These lovely rugs are strong, attractive and timeless in feel. They’re also perfect for people who don’t have much time to put toward maintenance work. Keeping these rugs clean and resilient tends to be a straightforward and stress-free job.…

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How to incorporate engineered oak flooring into your home

Oak flooring continues to be the popular wooden flooring choice, thanks to its versatility.

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Oak does not inhibit décor choices and colours and can be paired with both contemporary and traditional colours and decorating schemes, as well as other wood shades and wall colourings.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate oak flooring into your home.

Contrasting wood and complementing furniture

If you have engineered oak flooring, such as that offered at, you may be under the impression that all your furniture should be oak too. It’s a popular choice, especially with many new design techniques for oak now on the market, and it can be of exceptional quality and unique design.

However, if you would like to mix things up and add your own personal flair, incorporate contrasting wood furniture into your room. Match the warm shades of oak to other woods, and also pair any noticeable grains with similar wood patterns, to avoid a chaotic look.

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Contemporary versus traditional

Both classic and contemporary looks are set to continue to be fashionable interior trends. Oak flooring has the advantage of suiting both a traditionally styled home and a contemporary setting.

Contemporary properties with oak flooring in lighter shades work really well in bright and light rooms, with plenty of space and windows.

Traditional homes seem more cosy and rustic with the installation of oak flooring in warmer tones. The pattern and grain of the wood adds to the classic décor, creating a timeless style.

Dark versus light colour schemes

The versatility of oak flooring is so renowned because of its many tones and hues found naturally occurring within the wood. This enables you to freely decorate your home in dark or light shades based on the oak flooring type you have.

Flooring with a warmer undertone teams beautifully with navy, gold and cream accents to further accentuate these tones. Cooler tones benefit from being paired with greys, whites and sporadic pops of colour, which will particularly suit a contemporary home with a modern decorating scheme.

Living space shape is also important, as is whether your home is open plan or contains many separate rooms. If your home is decorated with a consistent colour scheme, your flooring should be consistent too.…

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Just £2 gives you the chance to win a five-bedroom Northampton home

Lots of people wish that they could move house, but they can’t afford a new property. Those who can afford it often worry that they won’t be able to make the mortgage repayments.

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If you can relate to this, you may be interested in a five-bedroom house in Northampton that is for sale for just £2. It may seem ridiculously cheap, but it is real; the house is available in a prize draw that only costs £2 to enter and the winner will get a detached five-bedroom house.

The competition has already received a lot of interest, with people from Germany and America also entering the draw. The house comes with a few other perks, including no mortgage or stamp duty.

The competition was started by Kristie Searle, who is the current owner of the house. She has set the minimum amount of entrants at 500,000, which means that she will receive one million pounds for the sale of the house. While some people have criticised this decision, Kristie is standing firm, saying that she will be using the money to help her pay for costs including solicitors, web providers, payment providers, and the stamp duty for the house. She will also use the money to pay off the mortgage, and then she plans to donate the extra money to a few different charities.

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It is likely that she will meet the minimum amount of entrants. After all, according to Gov.UK, the average property value in January 2017 was £234,794, so this is a great way to bag a ridiculously cheap price in an inflated housing market.

If you are happy with your current home but you want to buy new windows and doors in Dublin, check out sites like Dublin windows and doors for a range of options.

Hundreds of people have already applied, and it appears likely that Kristie will reach her minimum desired number of entrants.

More About The Home

The house is situated on a Lang Farm development, and there are five bedrooms in addition to a large living room and dining room. There is also a utility room and a downstairs cloakroom, along with a family bathroom and two en-suites.

If you want to enter the competition, visit…

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A Beginners Guide to Cold Showers – the Benefits and Tips

Athletes have long incorporated cold showers into their training regimes. Hollywood royalty such as Katherine Hepburn also swore by the use of cold showers. It is possible that people you know could list off the benefits of cold showers as well. There are many proven benefits to cold showers such as boosting your health with lower temperatures, helping the environment and improving your state of mind.

However, it is important to note that cold showers will not be right for everyone and if you have any health issues such as heart disease or high blood pressure, you should speak to your doctor first. You should also consult a doctor if you are pregnant or elderly.

Post-Workout Recovery and Cold Showers

If you have been inspired to start getting fit and have set out some fitness goals, you should consider taking a page from the athletes manual. You should look at incorporating a sports recovery routine into your training regime and include a cold shower. When you exercise, waste products such as lactic acid build up in your muscles causing them to swell and become inflamed. Exposure to the cold water of the shower will tighten the blood vessels and force the blood to push out the waste products.

When you warm up after the shower, the vessels will expand and start to pull in newly oxygenated blood. This will help to reduce the post-workout soreness that you feel and replenish the nutrients in your body making you feel better.

Combat Morning Syndrome With a Cold Shower

It may seem like an unappealing prospect to roll out of bed and into a cold shower. However, this is a fool-proof way to prepare yourself for the rest of the day. If you are suddenly confronted with cold temperature when you leave the house or when you jump into a less-than-warm swimming pool, you are going to gasp. This gasp actually signifies the benefits of a cold shower.

The contrast between the temperate of the water and your body causes your heart rate to increase. This is done to get your system pumping blood to the cold areas to warm them up. This means that more oxygen is flowing through your body and this, in turn, will make you feel more alert. To get started with your cold shower routine, you should consider a digital shower head because it allows you to control the exact temperature and speed of the flow. Stone and Chrome have a wide range of shower heads along with stunning bathroom designs that will make every gasp, in the mornings, worth it.

Cold Showers Help the Environment

Incorporating cold showers into your routine will not only help you feel better, it will also be helping the environment. A cold shower is more efficient for the earth than a warm one because it uses less energy and will decrease your energy consumption. You will also be less likely to spend large amounts of time in the shower when it is cold which reduces the amount of water that you are going to be using. This is also important for the environment and for your utility bills.

Best Practices for Taking a Cold Shower

There are some important things that you need to keep in mind when taking a cold shower. This is important whether you are going to dive right in or if you need to take a few tries before braving the icy waters.

  • The optimal temperature would be between 10 and 15 Celsius
  • Do not stay in for longer than 10 minutes with 3 to 8 being best
  • Morning is the best time for a cold shower and will kick start your body for the rest of the day
  • If you are struggling to get under the water start with the hands and feet first and then submerge each limb one at a time
  • If you find the cold too much, start the shower at a normal temperature and spend the last 2 minutes in a cold stream

The health benefits that come with a cold shower far outweigh the shock of the cold water. All you need to do is clench your teeth and take the plunge to start your morning on the right foot.


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Guide to buying a Smart LED TV

Television has been a quintessential invention and has gone through several modifications and technological advancements to take its current form. Since the invention of television, it has made its place in almost every household. And with the development of technologies, the television sets have transformed greatly.

Well, we all love to see a stylish looking smart LED TV hanging on the wall. The high definition picture and clarity of sound, makes us all fall in love with the LED TVs. But you need to look out for few little things before rushing out to the showroom to get your set. So, before you buy that ergonomic and sleek looking LED TV to check out this short LED TV buying guide to get the most bangs out of your buck

  • Don’t fry those eyes: The consumer electronics market is most profitable among its peers and thus sufficiently brutal. So the massive competition among multiple brands has ensured that the huge 55 inch LED TV has a cheap price tag. But hold your horses before you grab that deal. Figure out the safe viewing distance for your TV (9 feet for the 55 inch) and make sure your room does not fall short of that size.
  • Beware of HD Ready TVs: Most models which have a cheaper price tag compared to their size probably come at HD Ready or 720p resolution. If Set Top Box is the only thing connected to your TV then it might not bother you. But if you look forward to HD cinematic experience and high-resolution gaming, a Full HD 1080p LED TV is recommended. Moreover, the world is slowly moving towards 2K and 4K. Soon enough 720p might be nothing but a meme.
  • Don’t let your Smart TV make you dumb: Most Smart TVs that are well placed in the affordable catalogue have the basic processing power and low-quality software. So the range of codecs that they usually support is just a handful and might not be compatible with a lot of movies that are waiting in your USB pen-drive. Make sure your TV can easily switch between subtitles and can play MKV or MP4 format with codecs like H.264 and H.265.
  • Worship the ports: Go for as many ports on your TV as possible. HDMI slots, Display ports, USB slots, AV ports and even audio jacks. From upgrading, multiple device synchronisations to support it is all going to help out in the near future. Smart TVs are awesome if you have a high bandwidth connection. If not there are several add-ons like Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick andAny Cast that can turn your LED TV into a Smart one.
  • For gamers: If you are an extensive gamer like me, you are familiar with phrases like refresh rate and response time. Ideally, you should opt for a TN Panel for the lowest response times but it is a hard compromise in terms of picture quality. So try to get a LED TV with a response time of 6 seconds or lower. If you use XBOX or Playstation go for models which have an option for gaming mode. In that mode refresh rates and response times are adjusted accordingly to the device plugged into theTV. If you are a PC gamer make sure to go for higher refresh rates that closely matches with your Graphics Card output. That will ensure low screen tearing while playing demanding games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim V.

All in all, make sure to absorb all the advice from this LED TV buying guide and hard bargain with the dealer to get the best TV suited to your needs at the best possible price.…

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Are There Any Plus Points To Hiring A Moving Team To Move To A New

We supply an simple way to employ a verified London Man and Van removals service, with our protected and reputable Movers. Our excellent service just got even higher with the addition of three new solutions – AusBox , our revolutionary new storage concept, National Service , our UK-wide moving service and Finish of Tenancy Cleaning Not each removals firm in London can bring you all these advantages, plus we can unpack your things! Man and Van London Removals Company provides assure price on the web taxi vans services in London. High quality Removals London has been in business given that 2005 and has grown quickly since, assisting hundreds of satisfied customers to relocate speedily and with a minimum of stress. For all your relocation requirements in London just call Maze Removals on 07847541036 or visit Man Van Removals.

Our removal vans are installed with latest removal gadgets, tools and gear to make your moving procedure super rapidly and efficient. Clearly Man and Van services will by no means represent the entire removals industry in London – standard moving homes & van lines will often play their element. Our nearby removals service is primarily based in Wimbledon nonetheless we have the contacts to get you the best international removals price tag achievable! Property removals London is what we are.Regardless of whether you have a small component load, or numerous van loads to move, we offer a complete removals, delivery and courier service in and about London and all through the rest of the country.

If loading, packing and unloading is going to be time consuming and troublesome for you then speak to us. We have a highly experienced group here at 24h Removals who have packed many a household and transported them from a single component of the nation to one more, ensuring individual belongings are delivered exactly as they had been packed. We are the ‘reliable choice’ whether you searching for local man and van in London or nationwide Removal Organization. Following years of utilizing Clockwork removals, I opted for Aussie Man as Clockwork were busy and I have urgency to move. Get in touch with us anytime you want a reliable Man with a Van in London and the South East of England. We are dedicated to offering the highest requirements in all aspects of removals and storage, we only use specialist employees that have a verified track record.

I used Taha man with a van london removal solutions, it was genuinely affordable and reliable and they charged the lowest cost for my house removal Without having any additional and hidden charges Hourly Man and Van Service. We are a London removals based specialist who will go the extra mile so you never have to. We know how critical your time is, not only in your day to day life but also at function that is why we take every single care to move your equipment and belongings causing as little disruption as achievable. Despite the fact that the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames falls on both sides of the River, it is considered component of South London by the Boundary Commission. Our man and van London group can offer you rates from £30 per hour for 1 man and 1 van.

Members of our man and van team in London are employed to do as you ask (within cause). The following postcode regions are incorporated in North London (the sub area): N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N20 and N21. That can be delivered straight to your door anyplace in Greater London prior to your removal. That is 35% of 733,333 or 256,667 ‘s assume the average Man and Van move expenses about £115 all told. Wether its a property move or office relocation, we at London Removals can handle it all -home or industrial. You will by no means be charged further than currently decided price tag as the fixed hourly rate for man and van London inexpensive removals solutions consist of all the taxes and fuel charges.…

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