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How to Become a Qualified Electrician

Electricians play a very important role in society that is vital to public health and safety, with these requirements, employment opportunities for a qualified electrician as the UK population rises, recently estimated to be at 77 million by 2020 look very good indeed.

One way to achieve the electrical qualifications needed for a rewarding and potentially profitable career in the electrical industry is to undertake an intensive electrical training course. These particular courses are offered throughout the UK and offer a range of qualifications and certificates. The most commonly undertook are City and Guilds 2382 and 2392.

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Intensive electrical training courses are designed to give course attendees the right qualifications and understanding in the shortest amount of time. This allows them to make sure electrical graduates can cope with the majority of the domestic market electrician work whilst also being understanding of the current building and safety regulations.

These courses include all the practical hands on training that you require as a beginner as well as recognisable qualifications that will allow you to apply for Competent Person status after you have graduated from the electrical training course.

Qualified electricians work in a variety of areas with public or private organisations and so the nature of the work depends on their experience or training. This can involve general maintenance or inspecting and testing installation of equipment. Their work can be performed indoors and out and electricians can be expected to work alone or as part of a team. Electricians can form part of the general paid workforce, or be work on a contractual basis, or be self-employed.

Expected wages can vary according to qualifications and experience of the electrician, they can be estimated currently to be an average basic wage of 17,000 increasing to around 23,000 or more for an experienced electrician. Many electricians also work on a self employed basis – where income would depend on the number jobs undertaken at anyone time.

It may be possible to progress further to a supervisory position or management depending on the individual’s commitment to enhancing their professional development through further training.

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How to Buy the Perfect Radiator for Your Home

Radiators are one of the most popular ways people choose to heat their homes, but these days there’s a lot to consider when picking the right radiator to suit your home. Rather than the ‘one look suits all’ approach, nowadays you need to think about budget, fuel source, style, size and even colour! Not that this is a bad thing of course: choice is always nice, but to make a good decision you need information and ideas – which you can find in this brief guide to the basics of radiator styles and types there.

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Know Which Type You Are Looking For

Home radiators are powered by central heating, electricity or a combination of both. Always check that the radiators you like are suitable for the system you have in place.

Choose the Best Design

Radiators come in several styles, including:

• Panel radiators – these are either single (the standard image of a radiator), double-sized (two standard radiators joined together with a slight gap between the panels) or convection heaters, which are two panels joined together with a covered mesh on the top. All of these take up a lot of wall space.
• Horizontal or vertical – panel radiators are horizontal, while vertical types are taller and narrow and can make good use of wall space.

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Price Tags

• Standard white panel radiators are the cheapest because they are so widely available.
• Radiators made from mild steel are cheaper than average (and they come in other colours too), while stainless steel versions are good quality but they are more expensive.


• Vertical radiators are generally more stylish, and they can be quite individual. Rather than just one style, they come in different shapes, such as column radiators – also known as ‘Victorian/industrial’ – available from specialist such as , and ladder styles.


• In a bathroom a heated towel rail or small ladder radiator is generally enough, but if you have a lot of space to heat a couple of electric radiators may do a better job; they are also useful in additional rooms like conservatories.

Get the BTU Right

BTU refers to the heat level your radiator can give out, so higher numbers mean more heat. You can use the BTU to assess which room each radiator is best suited to.

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Can you combine solar energy with a combi boiler?

Solar energy is a popular and growing trend, and it isn’t hard to see why. It is better for the environment than traditional sources of heating, and it’s efficient. But is it possible to combine a combi boiler with a solar energy system?

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The answer is yes, it’s possible. This is because some combi boilers are designed to work alongside solar thermal systems.

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Here is everything you need to know about combining solar energy with a combi boiler.

Is it a challenge?

It is fairly easy to install solar panels outside your home, but it is more complex to adjust the solar heating to work with the boiler inside the house. However it is possible, and you may not even need to buy a new boiler to do so. Combination boilers are very popular in the UK, so it is possible that you already have a combi boiler that is compatible with solar thermal heating.

Is your current boiler compatible?

You will need to check the model of your current boiler to see if it is compatible. Some types accept pre-heated water, which means that they are compatible, but other types do not accept pre-heated water, and this means that they can’t be combined with solar energy.

Around 50% of combi boilers do accept pre-heated water, so if you have a combi boiler, there is a fair chance that it can be combined with solar energy. However, if you have the wrong type of boiler, it isn’t a huge issue – if you really want, you can invest in a new boiler that can work with solar energy.

If you decide to do this and you are interested in boiler installation Gloucester is well-served. Head to to find out more. After all, there are lots of benefits to using a solar water heating system. It will work all around the year, and it will also help to reduce your energy costs. This is because the sunlight used is free, so bills will be much cheaper!

Another benefit of solar water heating is that it will help to reduce your carbon footprint. This is because hot water produced by solar power is more eco-friendly than hot water produced by gas, as it is a renewable source of energy. So there are lots of benefits to using solar energy.

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3 Ways to Prevent Pipe and Tank Breakdown in Industry

There are all sorts of uses for pipes and storage tanks in industry with just as many ways to destroy them. Through no fault of your own, these integral parts of your business could be wasting away right before your eyes. Degradation from repeated use, age, and other types of wear and tear are something everyone should be on the lookout for, both for being able to spot them early on and to be able to fix them. Here are three ways to prevent pipe and tank breakdown in industry.

1. Lining

Adding a rubber lining to your pipes and tanks is a simple way to ensure their longevity over the course of years, as any rubber lined pipe suppliers can tell you. Not only does it add another physical barrier to these things that helps to stave off erosion, rubber is often a more adaptable substance compared to the plastic or metal of your typical transport pipe or tank. These two factors work together to ensure you won’t be needing replacements any time soon.

2. Thorough Cleanings

You should be cleaning your pipes and tanks. That’s probably an obvious statement, but it bears repeating since far too many people will leave old residue and debris to fester. These remnants not only serve to contaminate what you’re pumping through your pipes but speed up their degradation, as caked on garbage weakens the integrity of the material it’s stuck to.

3. Insulation

Assuming you live somewhere that gets cold, properly insulating both your pipes and the building they’re located in is a crucial step to ensuring their health. This is especially true for pipes transporting liquid, as any stray water particles or even simply flowing liquids can reach extremely low or freezing temperatures, wearing out the material with the constant expanding and contracting as things freeze and thaw.

Remember these three tips for ensuring the health of your pipes and storage tanks. Regardless of your business, knowing how to protect your property is sure to pay off in the long and short term.…

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The Best Dressed Fireplace

A fireplace can be absolutely beautiful, but if it isn’t decorated properly, it won’t be as stunning as it possibly can be. A bare fireplace can look cold and out if place when it is not in use. Use the following tips to create an amazing focal point out of your fireplace that will look beautiful all of the time.

The Mantle

The mantle is the perfect place to display special treasures or family photos. To keep it looking stylish and organized, consider a matching set of candlesticks, pedestals, or buffet lamps for it. Place one on each end of the mantle. This helps create symmetry and makes everything else look like it belongs rather than just randomly sat there. Use a garland or mantle scarf to anchor all of the pieces together.

The Hearth

Using actual fireplace tools will make the hearth look warm and cozy. Start with a decorative fire screen. Add a rug on the floor in front of it for a finished look. Baskets of firewood and fireplace tools in a rack can be placed on each side. Although these are all functional items, they can also be used around an electric or artificial fireplace to add realism to the area.

Above the Fireplace

If you leave the wall above the fireplace empty, it will make the entire thing look out of place. Anchor your fireplace with something that draws the eye upwards. This could be a wonderful painting or mirror that matches the room’s other decor. Wreaths work nicely as well. You can also use a wall mounted television. This saves space while helping keep the fireplace as the main focal point.

Once you have decorated your fireplace with beautiful accent pieces on the mantle, useful tools around the hearth, and something hung above it, you will have an amazing focal point in your room. Regardless of whether you are using it or not, it will continue to look amazing all throughout the year.…

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Finding Water Solutions that Work for Your Home

Few homeowners will say that their water is perfect as is. Most people have to rely on some kind of treatment to make their water safe for drinking as well as have a pleasant odor. Some water will actually stain your tub and sinks if not treated. The following are just a few ways you can provide clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning for you and your family.

Water Treatemnt Systems

One type of system is a well water chlorinator. This system works by adding chlorinated pellets directly into the well according to the home’s water usage. You can install a water softener inside of the house as another option. These units use salt to remove unwanted minerals from the water before it reaches your faucets.

Water Coolers

Homeowners that have water that is perfectly fine for bathing and cleaning, but worry about the safety of drinking it, can have a water cooler placed in their home. Just like office versions, the large jugs can be replaced as they are used. You and your family will use the spigot to retrieve fresh drinking water whenever it is needed. You will need to sign up for service from a water delivery company for this solution.

Filtration Units

Filtration units attache directly to your faucet. It will filter out impurities as the water passes through it. This option allows you to have good drinking water available at all times in your kitchen, but it won’t solve any problems you may have from the water in the bathroom tub or sink.

Whether you install a water treatment system, rely on a water cooler, or use filtration units, you will be able to relax while knowing that your family has safe water for drinking and cooking with. The option you choose will depend on how bad your water is in the first place. Have it tested before making a final decision in order to save yourself time and money.…

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Technology that saved money

When we were younger, flying cars, robot servants, and cities under the sea were what we thought the future would bring us. As we matured, we realized the future wasn’t those items. Rather, it was technology that saved money and prevented further damage to property.

Trenchless Sewer Repair is That Technology

The concept of repairing sewer pipes without digging up concrete or landscaping is not a future goal. It takes place every single day thanks to the concept of trenchless sewer repair. Numerous companies, like Hurco Technologies, sell and run the products required for this process.

In turn, it eases the concerns of those who require the repairs. Not only is it done with minimal deconstruction but it allows the customer to pay a fraction of the cost over normal repairs.

Invasive Surgery

Similar to the invasive surgery procedures conducted on thousands of patients, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t involve removal of huge swaths of a road or yard. Once the problem areas are determined using equipment like a smoke tester, repair teams goes to work to correct the issues.

Instead of digging and removing, they will perform one of two tasks.

  • If the damage is contained to a small area, the technicians will apply a sealant around the affected pipe to close cracks or holes.
  • If the pipe needs to be replaced, they will feed a new piece of pipe through the old. As it expands, it breaks the old pipe into pieces.

Trenchless Technology Equals Savings

Time and money are both saved with trenchless sewer repair. Through this process, repairs which may have taken several days to complete could be done in less than a day. In turn, this means less money spent on equipment, property repairs, and possibly a hotel room if the repairs required the water and power to be shut off.

Even though your sewer pipes seem okay right now, research in trenchless sewer repair should be done ahead of time. By doing so, you will be prepared should a leak be discovered.…

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