5 Uses For Sprayers

Airless Paint Sprayers: Pros and Cons There are two principal reasons you might want an airless paint sprayer. First, there’s speed. You’ll likely be able to finish your work in half the usual time compared to using a roller or brush. The second one is the ease of getting a smooth, professional-looking finish. At the same time, it’s hard to get one of these for less than $200 or so. There’s some controversy about how much you get for your dollar. In general, spending a bit more gets you a more efficient motor and more durable materials. There’s also the decision of buying vs. renting. Buying outright is the best option if you have several projects lined up. In contrast, consider renting if your work will be relatively short-lived and you don’t like the idea of handling cleaning and maintenance.
Lessons Learned About Tools
Let’s now consider how these things actually work. Airless paint sprayers use a powerful motor to pump the paint through the hose and out the specially-formed tip, releasing the paint in the pattern you prefer. Regardless of the kind of tip you use, they all involve fanning the spray out in a broad pattern. Practice goes a long way — before long you’ll be able to handle doors, walls, fences, and even woodworking without a sweat. And best of all, since the spray comes out at such a fast rate, you’ll be finished much faster than you expect. The upshot of all this is that even intimidating jobs like long fences will be within your grasp as an individual hobbyist.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Paints
Now let’s look at the disadvantages that airless sprayers can have. The first is that not all of the paint sprayed actually sticks to surfaces you are aiming at. Some of it can even end up settling on to surfaces you weren’t aiming at. You might actually be surprised how much of the paint ends up being wasted. Thus, you might be able to guess the second downside — the need to cover neighboring locations to avoid spoiling them. Even if you keep your painting restricted to the outdoors, there’s the risk of hurting your plants or giving your car an unfortunate stain. Once you’re finished, you might think your work is done. Unfortunately, there’s still the task of cleaning off the hose and tip of the sprayer. If you own the unit yourself, there’s also the cost of cleaning its filters. Despite all of this, airless paint sprayers are often perfect for large, repeated jobs.

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