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Carpet Cleaning Methods to Choose from When it comes to looking for the perfect company to clean your home or work carpets on a regular basis, you have hundreds and thousands to choose from; on the other hand, the method used in cleaning the carpet itself is limited and not all methods can work spectacularly well on your particular carpet. Hot Water Cleaning Also known as steam carpet cleaning, , what hot water extraction does is clean your carpet by using high pressured hot water which agitates all those fibre in the carpet and dissolving all the dirt as well.
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When we talk about steam carpet cleaning, the whole process will involved a simple application of cleaning agents on the ruined surface, agitation of the carpet using a brush and rinsing of the whole carpet afterwards. Once the cleaning agent has properly settled in the carpet, it will be ‘washed’ using a special cleaning equipment; the said cleaning equipment will thoroughly rinse all traces of the cleaning agent and the carpet will be left to dry in a room.
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The average carpeted office would have a size of 3,000 square feet, a carpet this size would need a minimum of 2 hours in order to properly clean and another 4 hours before it’s properly dried. If you’re going to hire carpet cleaners to clean your carpeted office then have them scheduled in the afternoon since it will be more convenient for your office operations; scheduling in the afternoon will give the carpet thorough time to dry overnight so as to resume all activities the next day without a hitch. Shampooing the Carpet Before the period of 1970’s, shampoo carpet cleaning was a huge hit until the encapsulation technology took its fame. Much like all methods and products that have passed, shampoo carpet cleaning seemed like the best idea in the world until it wasn’t, it had a ton of problems that outweighed the benefits; there were a ton of residue after the process like wet foam, also the fact that it takes forever to dry and once it does become dry it also becomes unbearably sticky and so companies decided to use other methods of cleaning carpets. Encapsulation Method This method typically makes use of various synthetic detergents which will act as the base; once the carpet begins to dry then it will turn into powder. The particles from the loose dirt, which came from inside the carpet fibres, will most likely be encapsulated into the said powder as the cleaning foam dried up; the last step would be to remove the said powder through brushing or vacuuming. Foam encapsulation uses less water and needs far even less time to complete when compared to carpet shampooing technology; that’s why it has become the better option in terms of carpet cleaning.

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